Tamworth Radio Club Inc.

Our club represents Amateur Radio in the Tamworth & North West region of NSW by actively promoting the hobby through the provishion of repeters, training & meeting nights, plus technical hands-on activities.

Is the club only for Licensed Amateurs?

TRCI runs training courses for anyone interested in becoming licensed. Amateur Radio is a diverse hobby for all ages. We have members from 10 years of age to, well, a very distinguished age! It can be a very social or very personal pastime with an almost unlimited range of technical facets to explore. TRCI is a fantastic place to give Amateur radio a go!

Is it a club full of stuffy old blokes talking in code?

TRCI has a good mix of ages and interest. TRCI is an active club with regular activities, and a focus on having fun with technology. If your interest is CW or the latest digital mode, having a chat or building projects, TRCI has someone with similar interests.

How do I contact TRCI?

To contact TRCI email makecontact@trci.org.au or if your licenced, call on one of our local repeters VK2RTM or VK2RMO.

I have info or experiences TRCI members may find interesting, what should I do?

TRCI is interested in having guest speakers, presentations and tours relating to radio & technology, new or old. We'd love to hear from you!! Make contact via makecontact@trci.org.au.

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